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 MGTD Replica

       This unit is a Firberfab kit body on a 1974 VW Beetle chassis; to build this car you first found a Beetle in good shape, removed all the body and interior parts, leaving just the bare chassis (but with all of its mechanicals and instrumentation intact) and then mounted the kit body to make the car, leaving the motor in the rear of course, concealed under the "deck" lid of the kit assembly. The State of Ohio titles these as "self assembled vehicles" and assigns a serial number and VIN# plate (OH-13011282) which is properly mounted on the driver door jamb. Odometer is showing 27K but we have no idea if that's "actual".
        This car came to us out of an estate; it had not run for some time and was stored in a barn, and the elements (mainly moisture) got to parts of it.....we towed it to our shop, which is very experienced in updating collector cars, and told them to check everything and get it  in running condition, which has been done; the bill (about $2000) is posted here with the pictures - note please things like new fuel and brake lines and many electrical issues repaired. Fortunately the basic driveline was still in good shape, car runs out just fine; starts promptly, no smoke, gears and clutch are good, most things work including lights and gauges (speedo does not work). Car also came with its original Assembly Manual, illustrated with our pictures here (Fiberfab called it the MiGi).
        We've had a few of these "replicas" here over the years and this Fiberfab/VW chassis was one of the more successful for the simple reason that when it comes to the mechanics, you KNOW JUST WHAT YOU GOT; the motor, trans, clutch, brakes, running gear, and most of the instrumentation are VW for easy access, at reasonable prices, for parts and service. That's a huge plus.....!
       A word about the "paint", which obviously needs some attention on the hood (oops, "bonnet").  In the first place it's not "paint" - the color is infused into the fiberglass all the way through and treatment of it is different. By working with acetone, plus some light sanding and polishing, the color and shine can probably be restored on this car - we have illustrated this with a spot on the driver side of the bonnet. (Treatment of issues with the finish is explained in detail in the Assembly Manual). The finish on the rest of the car - the fenders, doors, and deck - is generally OK, could stand a good buffing out. 
        The tear in the top and the spare tire cover are all on seams, caused by shrinkage, and perhaps an upholstery shop can help with this, if not a new top is available.  Side curtains are included and are in good condition, no cracks in the plastic; carpets were in tatters and were discarded. The  seat is in good condition - no tears or stains. Some of the other "soft trim", like the storage well behind the seat, could be replaced.
        Another advantage of the Fiberfab/MG is that most any of their MGTD trim parts are still available, and at reasonable prices too. Thru the internet we have observed that there are several companies that supply parts for these kit cars, including chrome and soft trim.  New top? $589; Bumpers? $189....and so on.
        In pricing this car we first looked at what these sell for in (presumably) good shape, numbers generally between $12 and $18K, so at our price of $3950 we are allowing plenty of room for the expenses that a buyer might incur. This would make a great father-son project!!


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