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Buick Riviera - Worthy Project!

This car came out of an estate sale and is a worthy candidate for some resto work. Showing 168K miles and comes with a large box of service records, mostly from a Buick dealer,  showing frequent oil changes and other servicing - car runs out darn good for the high miles showing (we drove it in here 22 miles @70mph from its rural location). Paint appears to be mostly, if not completely, original and there is very little rust; chrome is weathered and is peeling in spots. Seats are salvageable with minor patching on the driver's side, carpets are good, the driver's armrest (on the door) will need repair. Mechanicals: AC is cold but not thru the right vents; power steering leaks, brakes and front end are OK, no issues with the transmission,  power windows and seats work but the remote mirrors do not. Tires have good tread. As sellers of collectible cars we realize that a '92 Riv is "no big deal" but at $950 the car is priced just over its salvage value and should be a doable resto project for somebody.

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