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Corvette Full Resto Show Car!  **SOLD**

Simply gorgeous car, claret with oyster leather; automatic, cold AC, power windows & locks; coming up on 80K miles. Neither words nor pictures will show just how nice this car is.....the 2nd owner did a meticulous restoration, and the car comes with a carton of receipts of what was done, when,  by whom,  for a total of $16,000 - body and paint, interior, bumpers and wheels, mechanicals, and no shortcuts! (From the records, the motor block appears to be the original - heads have been done - but the tranny was replaced, so the car is technically not "matching numbers"). Everything works as it should except the analog clock, and driving this car you'd never know this is a "low horse" Corvette.  We recognize that the 1980 is not one of the popular years for the C3, but NICE makes up for a lot, and this car is sure to ribbon in any show! $16,950/obo.

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