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Toyota Solara Coupe Nice!

123K miles, 2 owners, no accidents, no rust....extra nice body and paint, everything works, interior virtually as new, all services up to date,  half-tread Michelins on the ground. This car is as nice as you're going to find one of these older Solara coupes.  The "check engine" light popped on recently and our check with an OBD tester indicated "code 446 -  Emission Control System Vent Circuit Malfunction" which is a $500 fix on this car, and we don't think that this is a justified repair on a 17-yr-old unit. (The gas tank if emitting gas fumes to the air). The running and performance on this car is not affected in any way. But in any event if a buyer wants it fixed, the car is $4850, or $4350 if we skip the emissions repair.

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