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 Lexus IS250 88K  **SOLD**

AWD, Navigation, heated & cooled seats, all power is standard; 88K miles with complete, by-the-book service records (all from Lexus dealers); this model also has the "4GR" Lexus engine which is chain-driven and does NOT have a timing belt which needs accidents in the Carfax, no dents or dings and that includes wheels and bumpers. Tires are a recent set of Michelin XSEs.  This is an extra nice car in all respects, and the airbag recall was done at Lexus in April '17. $12,950. Further comment: There is very little difference between the E and I series of Lexus, so little that we can't help but wonder why Lexus even bothered to come out with this model in the first place.....the overall length and wheelbase of the I are less than 2 inches shorter than the E-class, the options are the same for either model; the biggest difference we have noted is that the I is slightly narrower than the E-class - where 3 adults might fit with reasonable comfort in the rear seat of an E, it would be a bit tight in the I-class....

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