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MBz 450SL Worthy Project!  **SOLD**

This unit needs an overall updating - but nothing critical, and is priced accordingly. Runs out fine, no smoke and good oil pressure at hot idle, tranny shifts properly, AC is cool, brakes and front end are OK. Odometer broke at 103K which prior owner (who seldom drove this car,  which is why he traded it to us) insisted is not more than a couple thousand, at most, of actual miles. This unit has had one good quality repaint (in MBz #040 black) and puts in a very pleasing appearance overall. Prospects should note also the nice seats (but which are saggy) along with the cracked dash (we have the dash covers in stock), and we have a set of sheepskins (in light tan) to include with the car if desired. The hardtop is black to match the rest of the car; we missed taking that picture.
According to the CPI index of collector car values the going rates for mid-'70s 450SLs are: Fair: $6700; Good: $12,000, and Excellent  $25,625. This car is "better than Fair" and arguably Good, and is realistically priced at $5950.

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