Vintage Sales Mercedes
7641 Reinhold Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237


Two 126 gas Sedans

A pair of 126 Sedans....both of these cars are in decent shape and originate thru Precision Motorcars here in Cincinnati, who are Cincinnati's leading independent MBz service shop (and do all of our MBz work). We recognize that the market for these big sedans is limited. Both of these cars were elderly-owned and for sale only because the principal is either deceased, in a nursing home, or otherwise not driving. The blue one is an '83 500SEL, showing 89K miles but the odom is broken (we estimate the actual miles at maybe 100K), nice body and paint as is the interior; the other is an '89 560SEL w/150K miles. Both cars are sound mechanically due to regular service by Precision with good engines, transmissions, brakes, and front ends and both cars have minor issues, like an inop window or AC not cold. Both cars have minor - we said MINOR - rust issues. The market for either of these cars is for someone looking for a safe and essentially bulletproof 2nd or 3rd car at a cheap price. We are asking $2450 for either car.

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