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500SEC Worthy Project!

This car had been sitting for several years after the death of the owner but we felt it had enough going for it to buy it and re-offer it as a "worthy project" car. The car starts and stops, runs and drives. The particulars: Paint is original & faded, no accidents in the Autocheck; rust is minimal, the worst seen is the LF fender (see picture). Interior is decent, particularly the seats with no splits or tears, the dash has had a new cover installed but the "wood" trim  around the vertical part of the dash is deteriorated, as is the console cover. All the gauges work, but only the fan works on the HVAC. Front windows work, we did not check the rears or the sunroof (we didn't want to chance them being stuck in the open position). Driving: Car starts promptly but runs a bit rough, brakes are marginal (they stop the car),
transmission shifts properly. We have not noticed any leaks under the car. Exhaust is loud. In summary: Plenty of work to be done here, the DIYer could probably get by with a couple of grand but even if it winds up being $5K a buyer is still not under water on the very popular SEC.
Price $2950/obo. 

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