Vintage Sales Mercedes
7641 Reinhold Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237


MBz 380SL  $4950  **SOLD**

This car just turned 150K miles, we sold this car here in '09 and we have good service records that this car has been regularly maintained for all of its life. Always garaged with very nice (original) paint and body; no dents or dings, and never any rust (and none prior fixed); the paint on this car is in remarkable condition, especially considering its age and miles . Motor is sound (no smoke, and oil pressure is good),  transmission shifts properly, front end has been completely rebuilt, brakes are good. AC does not blow cold, you'll need to fix that (if in fact you need AC at all). Seats are a bit saggy from the miles (no tears in the covers}. Softop is like new (blue) with no cracks or tears. Here is a quite nice (and pretty cheap) MBz convertible that needs a few things for just $4950.

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