Vintage Sales Mercedes
7641 Reinhold Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237


MBz 560SL 75K miles

This is a 2-owner car and is quite nice.  Original paint with no accidents, no dents, dings, or scratches (and never any rust); good records and has had several sessions of serious mechanical updating, first by the 2nd owner when purchased by him in 2010, secondly by us in Spring of this year; everything works and the car runs great! Softop appears original and is like brand new with no cracks in the plastic windows and no tears from careless folding. Those are top-of-the-line BBS alloys on the car and the mounted Continentals are hi-tread. $15,950. Further comment: We see lower mileage versions of this model bringing big bucks - mid-$20s, $30s, even more - and have to wonder if those are good buys, or not. Our long experience with these cars is that the age of the car, and not the mileage on it, is a much more accurate predictor of what these cars are going to need down the road, and we take that opinion seriously when we buy, service, and resell these cars....

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