Vintage Sales Mercedes
7641 Reinhold Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237


MBz 560SL 75K miles

This is a 2-owner car and is quite nice.  Original paint with no accidents, no dents, dings, or scratches (and never any rust); has had several sessions of serious mechanical updating, first by the 2nd owner when purchased by him in 2010, secondly by us in April of this year; everything works and the car runs great! Softop appears original and is like brand new with no cracks in the plastic windows and no tears from careless folding. $17,950. Further comment: The original owner did some tasteful mods, as pictured, which we found pleasing; full skirting, the wing, and the aftermarket wheels (which are expensive, top-of-the-line BBS alloys, the set was about $1500 new). All of which unbolts if someone wants to put the car back to strictly stock.....

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