Vintage Sales Mercedes
7641 Reinhold Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237


MBz SLK320   **SOLD**

69,700 miles, no accidents; all power (windows, locks, seats, mirrors) pretty much standard on these, also has adjustable steering wheel, xenon lamps, CD changer, and heated seats. Beautiful car; not a scratch, dent, tear, or stain anywhere on this car inside and out, and that includes the  complete interior and the wheels and bumpers. Runs great, everything works, hi-tread Bridgestone Potenzas on the ground. There is nothing not to like about this car! $12,950. Further comment: We have a long history here with Mercedes and as far as we're concerned these SLKs are "where it's at" in the MBz resale market. Purists will demur, but the newer SLs, at $100-grand or so (the SLKs are half that) are just too expensive new OR used what with all their fancy electronics and'll have just as much fun with an SLK, lower maintenance costs, and all at about half the money.

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