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MBz 500SEC 67K miles **SOLD**

We first saw this car at an estate sale and it was obvious to us that this unit was some senior guy's "pet" from its overall appearance, but we wanted a few more assurances so we ran the Vin through Ohio BMV's title department and of course did a Carfax. Both entities confirm that this car is in fact a 1-owner and that the miles are correct at 067xxx (and no accidents in the Carfax). The body, paint, and chrome on this car are all original and are just stunning, there is no other word for it! (All we did was rubout the somewhat oxidized clearcoat and repaint the color-coded insert on the rear bumper; our pictures, below, show the before (on the left} and after (on the  right). The wheels, by the way, are MBz-sponsored AMG alloys and tires are hi-tread Pirellis. Interior is also, of course, completely original and is quite nice, no tears in the [leather] seats, no cracked dash, no stains in the headliner from aging sunroof seals, carpets and door panels are also in good shape.  MECHANICALS: Somewhat to our surprise we found that virtually everything except the analog clock works on this car (including the things that often don't on these 126 coupes like the seatbelt extenders, quarter windows, and cruise control), but on a car like this with no prior paperwork we give our shop pretty much an open checkbook to do whatever is necessary to update the essentials like battery, fluids, belts, hoses, etc. plus any needed repairs; the bill was $1483. Pricing? We recognize that this car will compete with late-'80's 560SECs with a few more HP (as if  anyone would actually notice the difference) and which we see advertised in the $mid-teens with comparable miles, but couldn't possibly be any nicer than this car is; we've put this car right on the money at $10,950.

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