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MBz 300CE Coupe - Sharp! **SOLD**

115K correct miles, no rust, very nice original paint, body, and chrome with no dents or rust, everything works (after our $1600+ service & updates); recent Michelins. Interior (which is Brazil leather) is quite nice, the varnish on the center console cover has some light hairline cracks (they all do this sooner or later), Madera Concepts in California does a great job of restoring these; and under close inspection you can see where some patching has been done to the driver's seat (it's not real obvious). Car runs great - smooth, tight, and quiet; this was a particularly good year for the 124 body, they are sturdy and reliable cars if they've had care and this is a nice example....$5950.  Further comment: We've always liked the 124 Coupes, but MBz didn't sell a lot of these new for the simple reason that they were very expensive - almost as much as an -S class. (In the '88 model year the base 300E sedan stickered around $42K while the Coupe started at $52K; that's one helluva difference.....)

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